Guess the Dictator/Sit-Com Character

Have you always thought of yourself as a sitcom character? Or maybe a world-class dictator? No, me either. But now you can. Pretend to be the bumbling sidekick or the heartless autocrat and our state-of-last-century's-art algorithm will guess who you are. Can't think of a sitcom character or dictator? Then answer the questions as yourself, and you'll find out whom you most resemble.

So, whether you're Gilligan or Fidel stuck on that island, answer the Yes/No questions as best you can and the computer will try to guess who you are.

Press the big button to get started.

Who are the most popular characters?
Check out the Guess the Dictator Most Wanted page.
Can I play without javascript/css/etc?
There is a simple version of the game for people with browsers that have special needs
How do you come up with all the questions?
All the questions and guesses come from the players themselves. That's why we ask you to try to come up with the best questions that you can to keep this a fun game.
I don't know how to answer a question. Help me!
Use the most general interpretation that you can. If a character's situation has changed over time, use the time period that they are best known for. If all else fails, look it up on Wikipedia. If that fails too, just say "no".
Why did the game ask me an inappropriate/offensive/stupid question?
We apologize. The questions are entered by the users (see above), and we cannot screen them manually. That's we we ask you to flag any inappropriate entries that you come across (click the "!") while you are playing. All flagged entries will be screened.
When was the database last reset?
The current database was started in June 2007
How does the game work?
Binary trees.
Questions & Comments?
This version of Guess the Dictator uses all kinds of "fancy" Web 2.0 technology, which will probably cause lots of things to break. If you have a problem with the game, please email webmaster -at- and let me know the problem as well as what browser and operating system you are using.
The good people at gave this game a home for a long time. Please give them a visit. The bamboo frame comes from a brush by Obsidian Dawn. The font is Gilligan's Island. The code for the floating game box is based on the Thickbox3 code. The css code for the resizable frame is based on stylable box. All the game code is written entirely by us. And the little pineapples too. So there!

this has been a production of smalltime industries