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A friend is a lumpy rug

Take care of it because we both know you can

You learn to ignore the weirdness underneath.

It was but a mere flash in the pan

Don't feed the bears

Blinding mischief, passing in this fate

Serious consequences, you took the bait

Will always be a dream

Is truly such a bore

now all you can do is sit here and wait

your mom is such a loathsome whore

Never to be seen again

Drink the red tea and you will see

I’m at a loss for words

I don't believe in anything other than myself

not an angel's voice I've heard

he said WHAT!

For their busy for the word

I want play

food eat food

The horse eat hay

gotta eat, food if i don't i'll DIE

I painted my spleen gray

Bill bill bill bill nye

I see a red spleen and I want to paint it gray

All that could be seen, was a sigh

I can’t think of anything funny

I love the smell of laundromats.

Yep. It should be here any day now.

I love the smell of rats

Yep. It should be here any week now.

You love the smell of grandma's socks

Like the seconds on a clock

As we drift in the wind with the fox

The Beatles..they did rock

Yearning for our moment’s ephemeral eternity

Sophia, Leah, amenorrhea, pizzeria, malaria

the sweet ol' gonorrhea

a disarray of power

I like the smell of laundromats


Perhaps it’s not good to have vats of rats

I like the smell of coffee grounds

Fluke! That's your fame. ...Isn't it?

Flavors exceed that of previous bounds

and thus acetylcholine wept rivets

all the while producing something profound

Not screws

a sort of fog horn type sound

But rather, shoes

Aimlessly turning clasped in darkness

Destroy Russia and Death to Putin

and, oh, this lovely starkness

You’re just jealous because he’s hot

Putin is a demon possessed asshole.

Not a cloud in the sky except one

God isn’t real lol

and yet, still, the sun was hidden away

Your brain real. Get back under your rock.

I always think about the Cheshire cat

eat poop or lose all your gains

don't forget what they know

Die Russia Die!

Why? says I, Why?

I believe it’s “der Russia der”

His blood is fresh

And eyes hungry.

Sucked tongue for speech.

Thou dost beseech

And then you can Feast on some rotten maggots

No thank you, I prefer fresh ones


I wandered lonely as a cloud

eat shit you stupid faggots

Yet somehow the city below was so loud

so may everyone else eat some maggots

Siren song drowns angry mob's shouts

but the king commands they have tater tots

FBI searches, Donald Trump pouts

And Fauci implores them to get their shots

while rubbing his hands and literally sniveling

I'm a sad old man

He stroked is flabby mound of man pudding.

my wife is dead

do you want be a very cool horse

There's a sea of brown diarrhea ahead

Dive in and enjoy it

Thanks to Shehe, harmon seattle, Clementine, You, Zyler, Tito, McDoobah, Pirate Caveman, Spoon, coquille, Harry Terdlinger, Bewbie Doll, Kent, Autumn, sissy, Peter, Youkno, Karthik, Your mom, Ayeti, MANDEM, Oven Toasted Shoe, The science guy, Dork with a Fork, Ozzie Man D, Dtjvfgjn, , Dhvchn, Bert Strom, Jay, liz, Aaron, yupi, sangeeta, tectonic12, Napoleon Bonaparte, IAm, a, CYP2D6, Sam, Sebastian, Charlie, jobus, Eamonn, Moinkhan, Cassandra, johntiptop, Satin, rain, K, Jennifer aniston, Jorhe, Ukraining, Tropius, Bb, Vin, Ash, MyJob, Aeithelburg, CJ69, God, William Wordsworth, Stupid Faggots, Joe, Ivan, teflon, Jen, mc, Circle Girl, your mom, staaaash, Fred, aud, Seamus, and DIARRHEA DIARRHEA for helping to write this poem.