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beliefs are disturbing and nonsensical. Anyhoo, Pat Marleau had a productive career in SJ scoring 400 + goals. Yes guy, he did,so eat shit Arizona pinheads.

She types types types her gibberish for nobody but herself, choosing to hide inside her dark fetid trailer on such a beautiful day. Poor Porky. God bless you, honey.


Dear Commander,

Per your instructions, I, Valmorx, submit this update on my last bowel movement.

I, Valmorx, had held in my last bowel movement for an inordinately long amount of time. When I finally was able to place my nude posterior on the commode, a glorious stream of high-density feces travelled from my rectum to the toilet water below. It was a proud moment for Valmorx, I must admit.

It took exactly 9 toilet paper wipes to sanitize my buttocks. I examined the toilet paper to inspect the color and consistency of this impressive excrement. It was a perfect deep-brown color. It reminded me of Easter cholocate, only smeared over toilet paper.

It took three flushes to get everything down. I felt quite nice afterwards. A pleasant bowel movement indeed!

This concludes The Valmorx Bowel Movement Report.



Valmorx raped Jean Béliveau.

The Frenchie begged for more.

"I love it when you fuck me, bro,

Even though it leaves me sore."

That brung a tear to me eye, it did.

Take the goddamn fork out of your mouth then and go join a gym, you big fat heifers!

That extra layer of fat is what makes it so hard to reach your vagina; without it you wouldn't need someone twice as hung as normal just so you can feel the damn tip!

We men don't like to see obese women naked, and you don't even like seeing yourself in the mirror. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for letting yourselves get to this point. You lost all the pussy power you had, as well as most of your wardrobe that you don't fit into anymore. You also lost what little self-esteem and self-respect you had, and now you're trolling the internet for someone who is desperate enough to accept your fat ass! You're pathetic, and it's all your fault!!!

Go to the gym and stop eating ice cream, crispy creams and chocolate, and turn off Oprah and your soap operas and change yourself and make yourself and us men happy! You're ruining our country. We're the fattest country in the world with the laziest women around. Hell, most of you can't even cook anymore. No wonder you gain so much weight. Eating out all the time is fattening! And half of you are breeding fat kids because you're too lazy to cook, so they eat at McDonald's and Jack in the Box too... just like you! Stop it!! Lose the weight and help make America Beautiful. Then you won't need to put up ads for sex on here, either. Your phone won't stop ringing and you can have all the dick you'll ever need!

Very droll. And let us not forget the ice hockey-hating classless buffoons, who,as we speak, are watching a TV movie starring Joey Lawrence as the new James Bond villain "Bowlcracker" and anxiously waiting for their machine gun permit to be approved by the State of Louisiana, so they can accidentally kill one of their grandchildren at a family picnic while showing off with their AK 47. Thes semen stains will then rail against ice hockey while praising stock car racing and voting for Richard Petty as a write-in candidate for sheriff of Ignoramus County,Any State, USA. Face it assclown, Booby Hull could get a hat trick,beat you to a pulp and fuck your sister without breaking a sweat.

"Booby Hull"? I believe that's what's known as a Freudian slip.




DIAR -eh, fuck it.



No pain

No strain

Just sit and let it drain


Valmorx raped Jean Béliveau.

The Frenchie begged for more.

"Je l'habitude d'être puceau

Jusqu'à ce que vous deveniez mon picador."

That brung une larme to me eye, it did.

jesus christ you people are absurdly pathetic. you make me want to crap my pants. and die. THE END

But instead of dying, you can go see Spencer. Next time his band plays, go and buy a ticket. At the end of the show, storm the stage, grab the mic, and yell SPENCER IS THE WORST DRUMMER EVER. HE MAKES ME WANT TO CRAP MY PANTS. AND DIE. the end

but it isn't the end, because Spencer's old roommate still has the files. i know he has them because I saw them poking out of his rectum when he bent to pick up the soap. ...contribute to our story.


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