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"Where is Howard, anyway? I swear, if he teleported away again while leaving me to deal with the mess, he'll be sleeping on the couch the rest of the week."

It was right about then that Hitler walked in. "All Hail Hitler!" "Heil!" then all the sudden coleman came in and blew his face off and became the next dictator until he tripped and impaled himself on a fence and crapped his pants and died THE END

My, but that was entertaining, wasn't it?

Bob Blunder is a curvy, stunning and brave private detective from New York. His life is going nowhere until he meets Felicity Ramsbottom, a hot, sexy woman with a passion for comedy.

Bob takes an instant disliking to Felicity and the deranged and vile ways she learnt during her years in Walla Walla.

However, when a brute tries to kill Bob, Felicity springs to the rescue. Bob begins to notices that Felicity is actually rather charming at heart.

But, the pressures of Felicity's job as a butt doctor leave her blind to Bob's affections and Bob takes up star gazing to try an distract herself.

Finally, when swordsman, Tony Plumb, threatens to come between them, Felicity has to act fast. But will they ever find the sexy love that they deserve?

Felicity saw the remains of Spencer through the window. She, for a brief moment, was sad, but remembered how pathetic Spencer was, and quickly forgot all about him. The tale of Spencer and Mikey, bound together by their love for The Penis Song, would soon be forgotten by the universe.

The SWAT team shot Spencer's corpse again, just because. Well, SWATs are cool anyway, way cooler then Spencer ever even thought he was, even back when he lived in room 184. Then the SWAT team went and found and killed Morrissey, just to piss Spencer and/or his ghost off even more. Led Zeppelin showed up around this time and played every song they ever plagiarized. Needless to say, the concert lasted for many hours.

In the middle of the Led Zeppelin concert, Maria ran across the stage screaming "AAHHH! Look out! Patrick has changed back into a man-eating weremadillo!" She disappeared out the back door.

Robert Plant turned away from the microphone and asked the drummer, "Wait, did she just say that..."

Suddenly a ferocious weremadillo jumped onto the stage. It roared once at Plant, another time at the drummer, howled in anger, and fled through the back door.

The drummer said, "Whoa, remind me not to smoke that batch again."

All Hail Hitler! Heil! Little did the Hitler fanatics knoW that there was a drug bust going down in their Hitler fanclub meeting.

Hitler came back from the dead. "All Hail Hitler!" came the cry. 3 reindeer moved up to the front. Even santa claus was there, saluting hitler. Little children of all ages were there, all heiling hitler. "I will free you from ze jewish bankers!!" Hitler spoke. He printed his own debt free currency, which angered the jewish bankers greatly. they called about jews of the world to unite against Germany and boycott their goods. but hitler said "fuck you jews!" and bulldozed all of Europe. hitler wasn't a genocidal maniac, those are the jews, who believe they are a perfect race, and they call all other inferior races "gentiles". They projected their racism upon their enemies, the Nazis. The swastika is a symbol of peace, and has been throughout the ages.

Hitler and santa claus schemed up the invasion of Israel.

"I know! Just leave them bombs instead of presents. That'll teach them for being behind 9/11 and bombing the trade towers."

"But, they are jews, they don't celebrate Christmas," santa claus replied.

"Damn it!" cried hitler, "it's bad enough a third of US senators have dual citizenship with Israel. they've taken over America too! 6 million killed in the holocaust my ass! they rebounded from that to take over the western world!"

All Hail Hitler!

While Santa and Hitler argued, Maria jumped into the room and screamed, "Look out! Patrick has turned into a man-eating weremadillo and he's..." She stopped to look at the stuff that was being posted on MassFiction. "Wait, what's all this creepy Nazi propaganda? Now that really IS scary." She walked out the other door, shaking her head. A roaring weremadillo followed her out.

Suddenly Rick Moranis walked into the room, wearing his darth helmet costume from space balls. he used the force on maria, and suddenly she took all her clothes off! at this point barf entered the room and started raping maria, howling and barking the whole time. Autism Speaks was planning their own evil scheme, they created sentinel robots to attack the autistic adults who critised them on social media. ...contribute to our story.


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