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Somewhere in the picture below we have cleverly hidden a can of spam. If you think you've found the spam, click on it to find out if you're right. You probably don't think there is any spam in the picture, but look closely. Many people only find the spam after staring intently at the picture for several hours.

Good luck and find that spam!


For those of you using a text-only browser, here is the non-graphical version of Find-the-Spam. Select the one which is Spam:

spam ... a moose

If you've tried and tried and still can't get it, there's a Spam Help page.

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Here's what other people have said:

Please don't harvest my IP address here and than vandalize my computer anymore!
Kelly takes a big steaming dump on Trump
Plan for the best, prepare for the worst.
Spam is more toupee than coupe.
It's not all about your asshole. LMAO!
Here we go again.
We didn't have the internet back in our day, or spam.
It's not all about you, asshole.
I love the FBI. They don't lie. They don't cheat. They don't use dirty tricks. They aren't politica
You've wasted 30 years here, Kristen. Men put you here, men keep you here, but you're not a man
Plan for many pleasures ahead. Oh wait, this wasn’t for you.
Austin, Minnesota I Hate Every Inch Of You
Ragnar, is that you?
All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Gender challenged? Here's a tip-you are still what yer mom squirted out. Accept it?!!
boring faggot says:
Biden Crime Family running USA into the ground-20000000$ is all it takes-87000$ to a 9 yr old
All your base am belong to us-ditzy granny
All 124 of them, all internal, all eternal, and all of them are male
[This media has been disabled in response to a report by the copyright owner]
All your babes are belong to us
LMAO granny, at your empire of insanity.
Please don't harvest my IP address here and than vandalize my computer anymore
shut up about trump you boring faggot
How do you get rid of old democrats? Apparently you let them die. Joe, did you hear that?
Bourgeois society is corrupt
Trump just won 2024! Thanks for all the free advertising. Biden Crime Family
It's too pink
Behold an old liberal heifers mind made angry by lack of a penis.
I want to suck a lot of dicks
Pig's arse!
She/he who expects no bm shall never be disappointed.
He who expects no gratitude shall never be disappointed.
Trump 2024 -democrat rats are leaving the sinking party barge. Where's Nancy? Where's joe??
I hord your forther was a hard morn
Secrets rarely stay secrets long.
Below is a Joe Biden "hot Mike moment"...
Emotionally: I’m done. Mentally: I’m drained. Spiritually: I’m dead. Physically: I Smile.
I once had a Honda Dream. Torqouise 250 with white seat
Following are dreams of the incontinent---
You're wrong, old lady. All the trumpet players that I know are good solid Americans.
Trumpists, like Russians, aren't just compulsive liars, they're congenital liars.
A really old woman posts here-wigglypfff, c'mon man!
When you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out - because that’s what’s inside.
I think you all need to start taking less opioids and more laxatives.
Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam
wigglypfff on discord

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Mind you, moose bites can be pretty nasty.
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