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Somewhere in the picture below we have cleverly hidden a can of spam. If you think you've found the spam, click on it to find out if you're right. You probably don't think there is any spam in the picture, but look closely. Many people only find the spam after staring intently at the picture for several hours.

Good luck and find that spam!


For those of you using a text-only browser, here is the non-graphical version of Find-the-Spam. Select the one which is Spam:

spam ... a moose

If you've tried and tried and still can't get it, there's a Spam Help page.

Do you have absolutely no life? If so, take a look at the archive of Old Spam entries.


Here's what other people have said:

Aww, the incels are fighting with one another again - online only of course!
I wish that I was Butthole guy. Then I would have a penis and actually be a man. Old ladies suck!
ring ring ring ring-you're still trying to deal with FRUSTRATION huh Granny? Must make you angry
hahaha U wish u could, Butthole guy!
LOL-licking old labia? : )
how's life in your Butthole, idiot guy? LOL
Joe Biden is the very best president ever! Just look at how we are prospering and thriving!
bzz bzz bzz goes the beehive : )
iM tAlKiNG, tO mYsElf aNd mY iMAgiNaRy gRaNNy fIGGeR! i hAvE mANy fREnZZ!
It'd be like dating a fishmonger, a painter or a garbo - you'd never get rid of that curry smell.
Fuck the Spam - it's Friday, I'm having Fish and Chips.
ring ring ring ring We're sorry but the # you have dialed can no longer support your mental health
A whole lot better than in yours, Ms. Depends. LOL LMAO SNORT GASP BREATHE LOL LMAO
Hey Idiot, how's life in your Butthole? LOL
Hey Granny, are things buzzing in the old Beehive?
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
Gun control is spelled "Kyle Rittenhouse"
If God didn't exist we would have to invent They/Them.
OK we've got FDR, IKE, JFK, LBJ, DUB, BBC, and now FJB. You know! : )
Kyle Rittenhouse-an American hero, a really good shot and soon to be bloody rich$$$.
Was NOT life changing I meant to say. NOT at all life changing. Not.
For me finding the Spam was a life changing experience.
hey guys will you be my friends?
You sure that's really Spam in the picture? Looks like it could be a fella. In a dress.
Aeroplane; Cheque, Diarrhoea - see, British English is so much more elegant.
Thank you, guys, for continuing to post here after all these years!
Don't it make my browneye, Don't it make my browneye, Don't it make my browneye blue
you old people suck!
haha that faggot Rittenhoose
It's not about being famous. Never was. I just love finding the Spam.
Hi, I'm Franco Vivaldi, and I'm here to talk about femenine hygiene provention.
(The show's on YT among other things...)
And if Phil sang the Bare Necessities let me know k?
The Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show is incredibly modern for a mostly 50's radio show...
I'm Ed Winchester, and finally my time has come. Mwahahaha! Etc.
Hi! !! I'm Ted Fischer, and I'm here to tell you about mostly unrequited affiliated masterbation!
So may it hath been spokeneth.
For if they is being a dick, they have failed in keeping their own dignity.
Always let people keep their dignity. Unless they is being a dick.
I can't stop thinking of her as Amber Turd now, which is a shame, because she's real pretty.
Personally, I'd rather be rubbed with Spam than Vicks.
If they hadn't called him Apu (sounds like 'a poo') would there have been any fuss?
Kurt Vile goes alright.
My name is Turd Burglar and I'm here to tell you about Granny Hacking
If the Earth was flat everybody woud be able to find the Spam, just like that.
You can't see the Spam because of the curvature of the Earth.
As above, so below
M seeking M for blowjob, Morro Bay area. hit me up now
Spam is evil?

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Mind you, moose bites can be pretty nasty.
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