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spam ... a moose

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Here's what other people have said:

America is an idiot.
hello. You're an idiot.
323 electoral college votes for Trump-dems won't even be able to cheat-tee-hee-hee
The other day Biden picked up a microphone but it was dead. On it he read---
You're 78, you type medical transcriptions all day and still have to work at a minimart? Gee-whizz
iM gEtTiNG rIch oN oVeRTimE aT tHe mINiMaRT!!!! lOL
SPAM: A good solid family luncheon meat, but without much of a 'wow' factor.
I have enough in the brokerage account to pay off the mortgage. Meh.
Where would you go if you got evicted? Don't panic or get anxiety but what could you do?
Chapter Elevenomics
all you suckers on salary. the workers have been making more than management this year.
overtime pay! yeeehaw!
"interest" you moron -- what investments pay you interest? You're in over your head, dummy
Sorry you believe in savings. Maybe that's why you don't own a home and are in poverty : )
TRUMP FAMILY DYNASTY-can't wait to get 2 digit interest on """(((investments)))"""
hahaha you're eligible for overtime pay! guess you need your savings account to pay off!
Sluw down the economy, all this overtime is killing me. 60 hours every week
i bEliEVe tUcKEr hE iz sMaRT!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dOuBLe dIGit iNtErESt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!
Biden has rally at an amusement park and guess what happened when he wanted a ride---
The merry go round broke down
Corrupt Joe Biden crime family now steals Hunter Biden's info in transit. News media?WTF?
Don't advertise your stupidity, maam. In case you haven't noticed it's now presidential silver.
Na na na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye. Game over, orange
TRUMP FAMILY DYNASTY till 2032-can't wait to get double digit interest on investments : )
mY sAViNgS acCoUNt pAYs dOUbLe dIGiT iNtErEsT rATes!!!
You must be stupid to still be working in your 70's. Just keep typing, it's what you do. yawn
Who uses saving accounts now? Invest it, people.
Spam, Spat, Spit, Shit
Biden says interest rates are doing great and will get better when he wins.
haha interest rates are at historic LOWS you idiotic dillhole but continue your stupid trolling
you stupid assholes whine and cry enough. fuck your stupidity and your feelings
"double digit interest" -- yeah, bud, you really sound like you know what your're saying!
I wonder if Joe is proud of his boy, Hunter? LMAO!
You're a proud boy, aren't you?
TRUMP DYNASTY till 2032-can't wait to get double digit interest on investments-yipee!
Tupac's greatest hit was the sidewalk
Start your Mass Fiction story with: "if America was a DECENT democracy..."
Icky pink
DAMN! I'm losing control. I hope that I can make the can. I'm gonna shit myself! I gotta go!
Is 1972 really the last time that you squeezed a loaf?
I don't like butts, not at all.
Splash splash goes the incontinent granny
Quack quack goes the orange duck
Start practicing your anger, Granny.
Start practicing your quacking, Donald.
You must be the Smalltime owner's Aspergers kid - anyone else would've been barred from this site.
Old Granny Splashmore

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